Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Views Of Asses, Tricks And Trades, Dicks To Shine

American Birds.RV campers, Steven Jarrot, number one, crook of computers,  Best Buys, done in darkness, still in the dark. Birthday issues, gifts to share. Tales  and it's time for lights on deeds and actions. History recorded, not news, fruits and nuts to go.Rats running rats, movie directors, still rats at the end of day. Gay lifestyle.Songs to sing, sucker with a monkey on back, Sheri and Rachel or rocky Jarrot....Fun and games, party and play tonight?steven jarrot :7605643510:

Glory days done, glory holes open, jokes and laughs.  happy notes to share, cum suckers to spare.Tips and tales, asses to kiss, mouth open wide, cum suckers to date. Steven Jay Jarrot: 7608512267: Gay and happy, full of hot air, buller shiter, shit flying now...I AM VERY GLAD TO SAY MY LITTLE BUTCH, Rach Jay, Rachel Butch, Rachel Wigout, a few of the names for her, butches to date. Rachel Jarrot- BALD OR NOT, IS THE ONE PUSSY LICK THE MOST FOR ME ALWAYS SWEET. RACHEL JARROT-HAS ALL HER HAIR BACK AND HAS BEEN REGROWTH SINCE FEBRUARY. Eyes Open, Mouths Open Wide, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, 7608512267- winning votes, jokes and laugh, American Birds, fingers in the air, fingers to tell, sit and spin, tips. 

Tales of men,veterans, homeless and prey, on the roads, at the rest stops, straight, not gay men, the happy men. Pictures of love and hate, jokes and laughs, products to sell, hands out to help. Hands out to harm, hands out to share the cares, the charms, the dicks down low. Tip of tales, tips of dicks, tips of love and hate, goats and sheep, kids to play, horns to sound. Time to stop, to to check the clocks, time still a tale or two. Teeth in heads, jokes to laugh, kids of the young at heart, jumps for joy, songs to sing, glory days again, dances in the dark.

Games of fun and games, games of luck, poker games, frogs and snakes, balls in the air. Games of sports, games of love, balls in the air, on the ground, in the air, balls over the walls.  Tips and stories, of the best, one day to note, take your picks, bets on the tables. Bets of looks, bets for paternal rights, babies and bats, babies and dicks, blow jobs and nuts to go. Dicks and trades, dicks in line, pitchers to catheters, tips to date. Balls in the Air, Games Played, Bulls And Balls.

Tricks and trades, blow jobs on the set, oral talents to shine, good times, RV campers on the grounds. To Fuck or not to fuck, bumps in the roads, party and play, time to pay, tales in the air, dicks to suck in lines, cameraman shots, porn stars. Shit for brains, snakes in grass, frogs for food, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, can not stop, turning the pages, books to write, tales and tales, history recorded. Written not, tips to share, bumps in the roads. Circles and cycles of live, frogs and snakes, takes one frog, takes one snail, worms in ground, under the surfaces, frogs to dodge. Frogs and snakes, circles to live, circles of live, in the wild, pictures and stories, frogs for dinner.

 Last rites, lights out, in a snakes, in a frogs, live to live as an another form, life on earth. Snakes and frogs, friends to eat, good snacks. Time to get another friend, not a frog, not a snake, games of live, snakes and frogs, dinner time, hits and shots, 1000 words, pictures to tell. Tales of frogs for dinner. Ships Floats: Dreams and nightmare, ships out on seven seas. Dragons, lions and bears, into the woods, maps of monkey tales. Dates to set 909 333 0000, butches, dogs in heat. 
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Nuts to go, rats and snakes, games to play. ....Rat here, rats to lunch, hangers and flies, houses under the stones, nice to share, tales of rats. Angels on earth, cat or mouse, large size for a rat, girl is brave: earth angels on the ground, angels in host to fight. Stars bright tonight, wishes in the sky, darkness needed for stars to shine bright. Whale hello there, rats and cows, snakes to eat, cooks in the house.

Paths chosen tell story of dreams, wishes and desires, that happen to be prayers also, hope floats searching for a place to land, and these places with do nicely, if you believe in magic. Hope hopping helps those that fell down, and having a hard time turning around, and turning the pages to more and better dazes without the snakes, cattle and jackasses, in the hills, valleys, and canyons in Riverside county in California. Watch out for the worms in the drinks, and the snakes in the grass, and the fake friends known as the Bisexual White Jarrot Jewish Frog Army 2016, or a herd of donkeys.

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  1. RACHEL JARROT-HAS ALL HER HAIR BACK AND HAS BEEN REGROWTH SINCE FEBRUARY 2016. Cheap trick, trades for movie parts, slut to stars, lights to dicks to suck, cash in hand, gang bang princess to date.  Eyes Open, Mouths Open Wide, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, 7608512267- winning votes, jokes and laugh, American Birds, fingers in the air, fingers to tell, sit and spin, tips.