Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Snakes Smoking, Daily Event, Steven and Sima Jarrot, Frogs 2

Shit for brains, snakes in grass, frogs for food, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, can not stop, turning the pages, books to write, tales and tales, history recorded. Written not, tips to share, bumps in the roads, dances with smoking snakes, tricks to trade, shit in bags, dicks to suck, glory holes, Sima and Sheri Jarrot, cheap tricks, wigs and caps, for bad hair days. Tips on lovers and haters, goats to horns, horns of love and hate, coins to toss, games of chances.  Ships Floats: Dreams and nightmare, ships out on seven seas. Dragons, lions and bears, into the woods, maps of monkey tales. Dates to set 909 333 0000, butches, dogs in heat. Jokes on land and seas. Ships of fools, fruits and nuts, bended and twisted. Jokers and poker players, cheaters and liars. Flipping cards and coins, life as a land whale: Sheri Jarrot, bitch in heat, pussy sucker to date. 7608512267.

Snakes alive, snakes in your friends, good and evil, best shot of Steven Jarrot and his family and friends. Once a snake always a snake. Do not play or party with snakes. Pictures flashing in dreams, free as a bird, mountains tops sights to see. Flying far away from shadows in the dark. Fresh flowers on the dogwood  trees. Monkeys see and monkey do swinging from branches on the trees. Life is an adventure and a gift to share. Good times after classes on the beach, to end: effects never die, no is a note to the next opportunity,windows open.

Life as an adventure better shared for trips of a new lifestyle to create from ashes of life over and done. Time to dust off, wash the tears and pains away, from the lessons learned. Great days alive, notes taken back on boat to sunny dazes. Happy for classes on the beach. Time in hell for friends and strangers. Pits in the cherries, bumps in the road. Lessons learned on the dark sides of the moon. Gifts to share, stories from others, nightmare for earth angels, dates on the beach, in dated old RV, dream lives in action. Sinners or saints, dances on the beach, seas of tears and heart breaks. Love and hate horns of a goat. Horse, fox, owl, rat, and crane, under the skins of fairies, pixies and earth angels. Joy, peace and happiness shared, views and noses in common.

: 7608512267, land whale, freaks out at nights, donkeys in the hills, valleys or jackasses to play. Prey on veterans, history in place, madness rides again, over time and space, trips to hell to notes.  Tales to be told, faces of snakes, faces of frogs, Rachel Jarrot, cheap trick, trades for cash, party and play with daddy, games to blames others for dumb luck. Coins to flip, cards to read, games of chances to take. RACH JAY- IS A CHEAP PROSTITUTE WHO SELLS HER ASS FOR A PACK OF Hair...Good times on the side of the road, bring your own water to wipe your ass. Cum sucker movies ti watch. Party girl plan, cum suckers to work, crooks and robbers, Rachellyn1010, Rachel Jarot, Rachel Wigsout. Notes online to share: have somewhat of an idea as to what other forms of media are like and I wouldn’t have obtained that knowledge if I didn’t take the kind of courses that I did during my time here. I’m sure to find lots of pussy to suck, classes on the beach. 
Snake in grass, donkey to talk, yellow worn, duckless freak, was what I saw, no dick, oral talents instead, liver spots, cum to suck, cum to luck, baby Rachel and Charles R. Jarrot, lovers for life, crooks and robberd. Frogs to dodge, snakes aluve, and eating itself. Family of snakes, fags, and land whales. Thanks again.Cached..Mules,Frogs, Jarrot Jewish Army 2014: Reptile Alerts : Steve Jay Jarrot. Peas in a pod, fruit and nuts to go, day jobs of snakes in the grass, blow jobs on the run. Tin can affairs, RV campers on the side of the road, parked at the beach, dream life for some. Faces of snakes in the grass, freaks to date, crooks and robbers, liars out of the gate, hell hounds on earth. Tales of lovers and haters, hats and wigs, rules of love and hate, coins to flip. 

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Hits for shit, brains for shit, rocks and balls, games of haters, games of sinners, frogs kissed, one note to share. Daily events, shit happen, shit smells like feces, farts for love, hot air. Farts of frogs, farts for fun, good times, lots of laughs, jokes to future dates, not in this life. Dreams dates with frogs, farts and shit in a bag, no water to spare, did you bring your own water? Lovers and haters, sinners and saints, frogs for dinner, plate of legs, taste like chicken, frogs to eat. Good times, frogs try to hop out of the pots and pans, dead frogs to hop one more time. Cycles of love and hate, frogs and snakes, circles to eat, circles to turn, pages to turn, books online. Books online, chapters of love and hate, frogs to have kissed. Good times, classes on the sands of time, the first time, not the last time. Dances in the dark, dances with frogs, dances with haters, for the love of the cows and buffalo, fucked for filed.

Frogs for dinner, hits for some, unknown to the city people, frogs not sold in the markets. Help for veterans, hopes and dreams of homes, out of the winds. Frogs and snakes, daddy boys and military hits, broken and homeless, dinner to eat on the run, cars to live in. Mental stays for houses, papers to fill, 6 years, not even. 6 weeks for veterans, group homes instead of dead, lesson of homeless veterans, in the mental wards. Lesson on frogs, to eat, frogs to hang on. Hope define, hang on: pain ends, notes for the frogs, notes for the fish, bible stories, wine and fish. Fish to eat, dinner time, frogs on the side, snakes to back, impaled on a stick, good times, food to eat.

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