Sunday, September 18, 2016

Buffalo Fly: Pigs and hogs, angels in the sky, large land whales, free rides: Dream Lives. Tricks And Trades.

Have a funny story that I wanted to share about Cali Cow. Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 😍😩😍... Dance Goals:I'm not perfect.are better know as Jewish Star or Jewish Rock Star, or just Rocky or Rachel Jarrot, and or Sheri Jarrot could be a family member. Could also be the Sheri of Uplands now, the fag hag, is what Steven Jay Jarrot, likes to throw in her face after the ccommon name calling he is known for, is exhusted, and then what can be seen as true moments in time, when truth and honest feelings come to the surface. It is hard to listen to the know white lies that are acceptable to him, and the others in the family that can spare the time, to listen to his stories about his house is in escrow, and has been for at least eight years if not longer. Word on that, Rocky or Rachel Jarrot, depending on which one you want to believe we are referring to, is in the next playing field for cows to get higher education, where the buffalo roam, focus for school. Or it could be the other one with the long curly hair that reaches her knees already, or not, you have to decide from your point of view, this is a matter hatter's point of view, and also have a fairy and a frog point of view as well, so today this is the one that is new and brand new to the world as a whole. It is your lucky day, and you are in place for the circles of fish, and the people born under that sign. This is a story of fiction bested on facts, as they appeared from a mad hatter’s point of view. It may not be a view that is shared by others, but that is not the important part, it is about my opinions that I choose to share. The Prince of Frogs has a Jewish rock star floating for a place to land, and the tail of the Jewish Prince 2005, is ready to leave everything to dust in the wind for Cali Cow. Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 😍😩😍... Dance Goals:I'm not perfect.Cali Cow, started in a small town in the deserts of California, and why is was called Cali, because she came from a long line of cows. Cali is the shining star of the union of a Hair Cow and a Joker or Jester Cow, and the hate was created in Cali. Rewards are to be given to the hairdresser that houses her bald headed cow, so that she could go to Buffalo school, where the cattle get to see the greener grass. Dislike is what is shown by the chosen lady of the Prince of frogs, and the questions about when do the cows come home? I know this is a silly piece and it will be over a lot of heads, unless you are a multiple layer type of person, or maybe you could be on the same page, and can see beneath the surface of the choice of words used. Starting today Sergio, the Prince of Frog, got dressed by his young transsexual son, that is in process of getting the works done to be female, put on new buffalo shirt. Sybil, his lady love saw the connection right away, with the cows and the buffaloes, and the first question was asked. Buffalo girls and buffalo boys are the names for people that choose to go to a school of cows, no buffalo, right? Cali Cow found a school that will take cows and dress them up for market. Buffalo girls in my mind are fat, out of shape and love to give commands, and have to be the center focus for dear daddy, in this case study.Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 😍😩😍... Dance Goals:I'm not perfect. The Prince of frogs got mad at that statement, just like he got mad because his cow he begot from the hairdresser cow, is not the light of others eyes. He is blinded by this cow that found a buffalo school to go to, and does not mind a ring on his nose also. Daddy has his backside so wide open looking for a man point to fill it, that he thinks everyone should share his views. The sad part of it is that he thinks his little cow from Cali by way of the desert, is a gift that should be forced on everyone he meets. How can he believe that he has to see her all the time to get anything done, pictures of this cow are everywhere where he lives, and he hates the fact that his fair lady, has no interest in the cow that he created. Mean and nasty describes the personality of Cali, his offspring, and how can you change that when it is a matter of color, that rules the days of this group of frogs. Her images around the RV end in the trash, it was like she was his image of perfection, and she had feet of clay, and another sorry excuse for perfection for a big, butte, whale, or just a buffalo by design. The treat for all the family members is that the feel good is in place for a monthly visit, thanks so much to granddaddy, Rachel Jarrot can fly in and fly out just like the Rock Stars, and this is her way as the Jewish Rock Star with dreams in place and a seasonal traveler from school to home again. Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 😍😩😍... Dance Goals:I'm not perfect.Cow to buffalo, and they do fly you have a living example on a monthly basic She is entitled to her dreams, and her desires is to be an idol and have songs written about her, it would be her pie in the sky to reach in her lifetime, and it is good, why not? Dreams to Actions is about the work needed to get there, and have to remember that talking about nothing for hours is a gift, and it is something to use to talk your way into the skills that are needed to reach greatness, wishes, dreams, and desires are all good for plans and goals to grow and expand. I did and my educational goals opened up a whole new world for a pilot program for a three year period, and 200 people were hired to service that need, in Veteran Medical Center in Tucson, Az during the years 1989-1992, and it was a blessed event for the people hired for those positions, and that is not something that any Jane, Deborah, or Charley can do. USMC skills and time service had many returns, and it is one of the things that will always be consider with the part that Steven played in getting the monetary rewards for time serve. Thanks again Steven for the time spent in being a friend with a mission to make sure the cash reward was received, and it was about the care and devotion during that period, when it was this is my last lady, and it you do not like her, I have no time for you, that was the best period of the RV camping lifestyle that is common for some. Have a gift of joy and pleasure that I wanted to share, and dreams that your wishes are close to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Cali Cow went away to school, where the buffalo roam, and get educated, so for Halloween she gets Daddy to post funds to her accounts, so she transferred $200 from Dad, and she was able to give him two evenings of her time during that trip. Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 😍😩😍... Dance Goals:I'm not perfect.Steven Jay Jarrot to fill his days again, waiting for the next visit so that he could see his dream girl, it was the only one he knew that had that perfection build in, and there were no others that were allow to grace his RV living space. Feet of clay is what Rachel Jarrot had, and the image of her face was everywhere, daddy had it displayed for his own personal pleasure and joy, and his views were force and any and all that had time to go camping with him. Here pictures ended in the trash because his views were not shared by all, just like the dog thing, the two legged dog was left sleeping in the bed (Steven), four legged dogs have no place in a RV and dog was taken with the dirty clothes to a farm, and he was sleep as dogs of that age do, not needed or desired and the message was clear and cut. That is what I thought about the dumb dog, no place for cute, has to serve a purpose other than money pit, feed a dog rather than feed yourself, I do not think so do you?The first of the month is when the eagles fly, and the money is available, so catch him then and he will give to the cow, who is a gift that cost money forever. So that is how the cow can fly back to Cali for the holiday of witches and demons. Cow, Cattle Calls, Ready for What? Charm Enough: Snakes in Grass: Fairy Tales, The Fairy and the American Toad, Cuban Transplant, Cum Sucker, Oral Talents for Trades, Pimp and Drug Dealer, Jewish White Dude. October 16, 2015: Another example of the yellow snakes at work, snake dens full of the low standards, lights out to fool others. Snake in grass, delete the history in one place, no all the places where data was stored, big pictures out of focus here. Why delete history of one or many mental, confused and displace veteran, because you had to create more lies for questions asked, or because you hate the view that you display on some level. Liars, crooks, cheaters, cum suckers, used car sells, junk seller all day long, drug dealer, pimp, poker poker, snake charmer, Jewish White Loads, Jewish Turkey, Cuban Transplants, words used to describe or talk about this family. Their views of themselves is a little different for their actions and deeds, it is all good, love and hate, the horns of a goat, biblical stories, fairy tales, they they live in their dreams, in real life, with lights on it is not the same.
..Posted by Rachel Jarrot in Uncategorized.Time to take a stand, views of mind to defend, lots of love to share, hopes for more, dances for dollars. ..This is what will happen to you if you do. We dont play that shit around here. He (KKK) said next time he will have to bring more people. Then get ready to die. They will kill you. He had better have enough men for a whole city. Anaheim is a largely populated Latino area. they will not survive the second coming.

 Buffalo Fly: Pigs and hogs, angels in the sky, large land whales, free rides, angels to greet, sunny and bright days in the rain, turns to take, paths to greatness. Trips to heaven, angels to see, Michael Jackson, angel in the sky. Singer of great songs, lived for a day and a half, dead and buired, dead to soon, lights out. Candles in the winds, moms, Aleane Bailey, Mary Jane Bailey, Sally Anne D'Silva, and the kids, Buddy Bailey, birds and angels, tales to share, good times-brother to the girls of Jack Bailey, Sisters to me. 

Frog Rachel: Butch Forever, Bald Turkey: Rachel Butch, Rachel Jarrot, Rachel Wigsoff, Cum Sucker, Pussy Licker, Tricks for Cash. Buffalo Fly: Pigs and hogs, angels in the sky, large land whales, free rides: Dream Lives. Tricks And Trades.  Pimps in trainer, pitchers lined up, cum to party, dicks to suck:Steven and Sima Jarrot, 7608512267: tricks in the RV, trades for shit, trades for cash, tricks for loose change. Date a land whale, date a snake in grass, date a mad dog or two. Dicks and dogs, bitches in heat, pimp on corner, leader of pack of wolves, hell hounds to race, fags out of the gate. Rats, horses, sheep, goats, frogs, and land whales, done to death, love and hate, songs to sing, good times. Angels to spare, goodness and mercy, angels to watch, joy and peace, wings to fly. Peace and love, hate and love, up in the sky, down in the pits of hell, songs to sing, great day to be alive. 

Nice to be here, nice to think about the growth and changes in place for the new dawns on dreams of greatness. Gifts to share, joy and pains of the bumps in the road, and the pits in the bowls of cherries. Jokes, and song to sing for the good, bad and ugly pieces of the dreams to action. Image to give as a gift to say what, the best frog in the history of Jewish people across the globe, 6 million dead for the dreams of a mad man. Gifts for the future Jewish White-Super-sized Whales in a tribe that loves to cry the blues about their joys and pains in the history of man. Blame who in the game of fingers pointed at others to blame for the holes in you glass houses.  Buffalo Fly: Pigs and hogs, angels in the sky, large land whales, free rides: Dream Lives. Tricks And Trades. 

School of Hard Knocks: To hurt, to harm, bitch in heat, tricks for shit by bags in long beach, 562 200 9102. Dogs to date, hot water springs dicks and dogs. Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998 , not sure about signs. Steven Jarrot, 7608512267 crook to date, prey on black female veterans. Names changes to protect. Treats to harm or to hurt, females. Oral sex with strangers parked on the side of the road by the-beaches in Ventura is not my idea of a dream life. Shifted from the beach to Upland now for the cattle crossing again, cattle and bison home from the open ranges, gifts to the fools, frogs, and freaks. Dance Goals:Not To Fail To Learn. I'm not perfect. I'll annoy you, make fun of you, say stupid things, she moves her hips 😍😩😍... Castle Rocks: Castles and kings. Castles for the queens. Words in stories, tips and tales, people in animal skins. Fruits and nuts, snakes on sticks to fry, good times. Dazes dead, Steven Jarrot 7608512267, tricks and pimps, butches and bitches, Rachel Wigsout: Rachel Jarrot 805 205 5026. Dazes of Shadows: dazes stoned in the park, fires to burn, frogs and snakes, dates on the beach. Tricks and trades, food to eat, snakes and frogs, sticks in fire. The Shadows, In The Dark, Reapers Of Good And Evil.Normal Twists: Weird: Witting, Entertaining, Interesting, Read, And Different. Nuts To Go, Blow Jobs On The Run, KKK ...School of Hard Knocks: Reapers Of Good And Evil.Nuts To Go, Blow Jobs On The Run,Normal Twists: Dance Goals:Not To Fail To Learn. I'm not perfect. I'll annoy you, make fun of you, say stupid things, she moves her hips 😍😩😍...

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