Friday, May 20, 2016

Blue Skies:Sunsets Darkness. 333smith: . reviews

Dazes of Shadows | Blue Skies:Sunsets Darkness333smith: . reviews

Thieves Use Rug to Haul Away Safe With $10M , Worth of Jewelry, Cash, back in time, news once, 
history now, lovers and haters, stories left behind, dances with dogs, dances with bitches in heat. Snakes and frogs, tales of lovers, tales of donkeys in the hills and valleys. Lessons to learn, classes to take, how to sing like a lark. Birds and bees, honey makers, black and yellow, good fellow, songs in the dogwood trees. 

333Smith, Uritza Smith, Reese, Names Of Frogs And Freaks, Tags And Labels, Hats And Horns, Sinners And Saints. Rachel Jarrot, cow to buffalo and can fly and how?Third place is last place, and no trophies for that placement, keep it for sucker to marry a freak like him. 7609020855.He likes to suck dicks, and it was great not to have to fuck a trick because he was gay, and the meth does that to him. Jokes on the fools and blogs about the snakes in the grass, lies told as truth. Watch out below,when cows and buffaloes fly..... Rachel Jarrot (University of Butte Buffs Wide backside: Boulder:.Butch, buff, buffalo, bison, wolf, Jewish White Star, Golden Calf: Speaking of cows, Folsom Field use to have AstroTurf to keep the cheerleaders from grazing after a game. That didn't seem to help so they went back to grass for the convenience of those heifers......Cali cow, Rachel or Rocky Jarrot, or just a fag hag just like Sheri Jarrot or Sima Jarrot? All three legs of a stool appearance, the acorns near.

Life as an adventure better shared for trips of a new lifestyle to create from ashes of life over and done. Time to dust off, wash the tears and pains away, from the lessons learned. Great days alive, notes taken back on boat to sunny dazes. Happy for classes on the beach. Time in hell for friends and strangers. Pits in the cherries, bumps in the road. Lessons learned on the dark sides of the moon. Gifts to share, stories from others, nightmare for earth angels, dates on the beach, in dated old RV, dream lives in action. Sinners or saints, dances on the beach, seas of tears and heart breaks. Love and hate horns of a goat. Horse, fox, owl, rat, and crane, under the skins of fairies, pixies and earth angels. Joy, peace and happiness shared, views and noses in common.

Kisses for the frogs, kisses for the whales on land, good times to share of the joys and pains, bumps in the roads, lessons learn, trips to hell with hell hounds on the beach. Fun and games for the freaks out at night for the drugs and the easy lays. Happy Friday, gifts to share, oral talents of a frog in a dated RV for the long runs from the cattle callers, slave or master role players to date. Girlfriends, husbands cheating on wives for the trips to hell with a whale on land, tricks and trades with the golden cattle, Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, lovers to suck your free will out, gifts of joys and laughter on the jokers and the poker players.

Snakes in the Grass: Let's Make Out/Dicks Out of Box Please

Last night with kid with a lack of natural  ...Rachel, Randy, Reese, Rocky butches to date, connected at the hips, UCLA Drop outs? Rats running in the rat race. Dazes they were born were out of stupid, and have been losing ground since day one. Fruits and nuts to go, party and play on the beach, sit on the face of a frog-Steven Jarrot, 7605643510 to set a date for trip to hell, hell hounds loose. 333Smith, Uritza Smith, Reese, Names Of Frogs And Freaks, Tags And Labels, Hats And Horns, Sinners And Saints. 

Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?...Rachel Jarrot, Lovers To Laugh, Monkeys for Mate To Last.... History online, tips and tales, jackasses with asses wide open, party time, party and play, ...

Kitty Cats, Smiles For Dazes, Quiet Moments.....Uritza Smith Public ...

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Birds of the same kinds, flocks of birds, cranes on the marches in Long Beach, and the long grasses, with the birds and the bees. Cranes with the young gather at dusk, in the shadows of the setting sun, graces of the movements, of the cranes. The oranges, the yellows, the clear lights of the colors that dance over the water in the marches, with the dazes end. Happy and gay, sunny and bright, the cranes with the bugs for dinner, the snakes, the frogs, lives to take to last another day. The circle or the cycle of life played daily in the marches, in the lakes, in the ponds and pools of water in the woods and the grasses of the trees and lilies on the ponds. Birds flock together, for the good of the members in the classes of sizes, and the classes in the marches, another day done. 

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