Sunday, March 6, 2016

Better Than That, Starr Bright, Blue Lights On Top

 Balls In The Air, Lovers To Fish..... (Long Beach), Ventura, Upland, Palm Springs, Moreno Valley, La Quinta, Places to park, RV campers, back in the dazes. Love and hate, hats to ears, hats and halos, hairs of the matters. Coins in hand, five in total, cards on the table, games to play, poker players. Hands in the air, good times, dances on the sands of time, dances in the wind, dances for classes that are over again. 

Better Than That - Marina and the Diamonds (LYRICS)Thanks for tips, lessons learned, classes on love and hate, goats and sheep, tales to history told. Oceans of love, oceans of hate, sales on dung, frogs to heat, hearts to turn, coins to flip, cards on the table. Clowns to the left, poker players with the snakes and frogs, on the right sides. Parties to dates, stories of frogs, snakes in the water, words of history, created to remember, the bumps in the road. The paths taken, the lessons learned, the pages to turn, the books to close.
Tips and tales, jobs to do, houses for homeless in China, Riverside, Orange, Ventura, California, help needed there. Trips to make, talks with the military minorities. Jobs online, write reports, daily, copy and paste, to the directors, in New York. Veterans dated, guys and drools, freaks and frogs, camping on the side of the road, parked at the beach. Land whales out to flip land sharks, to trick or trade, to eat while out for dazes. Friends that have snakes under the skin, crooks and robber, Jewish rites, frogs in glasses, mud views not clear to a sinner or a saint.
Rat here, rats to lunch, hangers and flies, houses under the stones, nice to share, tales of rats. Angels on earth, cat or mouse, large size for a rat, girl is brave: earth angels on the ground, angels in host to fight. Stars bright tonight, wishes in the sky, darkness needed for stars to shine bright. Whale hello there, rats and cows, snakes to eat, cooks in the house.

Books Of Life, Chapters High Times, Exciting Weird Worms....American Girl: Dogwood Buttterfly - Water to cross, coins for the boatmen, dragons and dead heads, valleys and oceans to crows, birds and bees, glory dazes done. Happy dazes again, joys and pains, lessons learned, frogs and fish in the water, notes of bugs and snakes. Happy for the cows, happy for the birds and the bald turkeys, saints and sinners, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Common Walls, Jails And Prisons, Walls for knights to guard. Nightmares to deal with the fake friends that leave you to swing in the wind, happy to save their own skin, happy to keep heads in the sand. Gifts and talents runs to good look..

Steal from mental veterans, sad and blue land whales. Crooks and robbers, Steven Jarrot: 7608512267 Best Buys Crook, 562 431 5026. times with asses. Hills of Donkeys....The big bang is open dated to be completed when seasoned, the wrongs and the rights, the high road choices, the fast and easy choices to be noted, a time and a season. Stars Shines: Day Terrors : Race Completed: Targets Adjusted Hell on Earth :Jewish White-Super-sized: Snakes in the den.Seven Snakes within each clan member.

Best time to share, tips and tales, lovers and haters, horns and goats, love and hate, horns to sound. Good times, dances in the rains, goodness and mercy, angels in the air, gifts and hands to spare. Wishes and dreams, hopes and desires, angels in host, angels with wings, angels to help, not to harm. Lessons in love, lessons in hate, lessons for a teacher or a student, classes on the sands of ties and time. Wheels to turn, pages to turn, roads to travel, bumps in the road, joys and pains, ways to grow. 

Angels on earth, cat or mouse, large size for a rat, girl is brave: earth angels on the ground, angels in host to fight. Stars bright tonight, wishes in the sky, darkness needed for stars to shine bright. Whale hello there, rats and cows, snakes to eat, cooks in the house.Signs up in the air, seven kings, seven queens, pieces of a dream. Seven signs: cards flashing, cards flipping. Seven high knives in the air, queens on cards in the power of the number, good times. Rewards given for hands out to help the lost and confused. Horse and pony shows, fairies with flowers from dogwood trees, gifts for crowns. Dances done in the woods, classes over, time to play.

Marina & The Diamonds - Radioactive (LYRICS)Love and hate, singing songs, birds and bees, dances in the dark. Movies and pictures, taken to share, good times, glory holes in the wall, dicks to shows, horse and pony hits, races for rats. Snakes and worms, boys to dicks, mouths to cum, dicks for joys.  Gifts of life, gifts of love , goat and sheep,  bike riders. Schools of hard knocks, free rides to go, dicks to share, good times. Lessons to learn, to talk, to write, to share the tales in the air. Good times.  Dances for love, dances for movie roles, time to work, sucking dicks, good times, glory holes on the walls. Dicks on call, lots of tricks, trades and shit to smoke, snakes and frogs. 

Snakes in the Grass: Let's Make Out/Dicks Out of Box Please

Last night with kid with a lack of natural  ...Rachel, Randy, Reese, Rocky butches to date, connected at the hips, UCLA Drop outs? Rats running in the rat race. Dazes they were born were out of stupid, and have been losing ground since day one. Fruits and nuts to go, party and play on the beach, sit on the face of a frog-Steven Jarrot, 7605643510 to set a date for trip to hell, hell hounds loose. 333Smith, Uritza Smith, Reese, Names Of Frogs And Freaks, Tags And Labels, Hats And Horns, Sinners And Saints. 

Free rides: frogs and snakes, crooks and cheaters, veterans for prey, cash or credit to steal....YouTube: Movies...and chicks, babes in the horse and pony shows, mean and nasty chicks, role models in the movies. Mean Girls, bitches to butches, ways to grow, girlfriends, Rachel, Rach Jay, faces of mean chicks, dogs and butches. Dances in drama. Sheri, Sima Jarrot, parts for sluts. Tricks to trade, sluts and cheap tricks movies online, hopes and wishes, schools of hard knocks, love and hate, classes of goats, classes of freaks and frogs, dates on the sandy shore, hopes for stars to shine. Dances in the dark. Dream Date With A Snake, Crook And Liar, Steve Jarrot | Brighter Witty, funny at time, lots of love online, lots of hate, horns of goat, love and hate, wheels to turn, clocks go around, time is cash.Lovers and haters, hats and horns, wigs and caps to hide, good time, dances on dimes. ...Rachel Jarrot, Cow To Buffalo, Fly Free, Butches Also? And How?

Dream Woman For Steven Jarrot, Rach Jay?lovers For Life?..

Month of March-Roman God of War-March Madness....Steven Jarrot- 7608512267-I'M ISO LIFE PARTNER. WITHOUT ONE YOU HAVE NOTHING. age : 51....Want to hold my hand, daily adventures to explore, dancing on the sands of time. Frogs and fish in the mix, hopes burning fires bright, dancing in the dark. PLEASE EXCUSE THE CAPS EASIER TO SEE. WELL HELLO. Snakes, Vipers, Serpents in the dens? Blame Games: Jewish Whites. Coins To Flip. I'M A WHITE/CUBAN MAN DIVORCED 2 KIDS ALREADY ON THERE OWN. WOKE UP THIS MORNING FEELING LONELY WITH NO ONE BESIDE ME, AND IT SUCKS. I'M READY TO MEET MY LOVE, MY FRIEND, MY PARTNER IN LIFE. 


Disappointments in the live on hand, prefer the life on TV and at the movies, work for it, and it can be use is the way to get the things that you want. Works for me, how about you?.....the reptiles that are spineless…… The story of my life, tales of frogs, and snakes, darkness in the world ...Truth and honesty, words to define, trick ????Snakes, Vipers, Serpents in the dens? Blame Games: Jewish Whites. Coins To Flip. 

Black babes on beach daily fights. Military damaged, ptsd from time served, money in the bank for life, more papers to place, to ask for cash on table. Mental, is how I like to say it, crazy for a fee, pays the bills. Have a lot to say, giant fairy, pixie, to earth angel, wishes on stars: giants, cowboys in white hates, Santa in red and white hat, okay to date. in the house, stories to share, over space and time. 

Time in the shadows done, life of an earth angel, tips and tales to share. Writer of history, stories to share, trips to hell and back, bumps in the roads, good times and the not so good times, friends for a season, friends for a caught, friends for a life, searches to do. Turning the pages, starting over, hopes and dreams in action, gifts of stories to share. Happy dazes again, glory days done, dances on the beach, good times to write about.

Tasteful delights, Steven Jarrot, cum on his face, cum on his ass, what a sight to see, snake with ass out. Apr 14, 2014-Steven Jarrot, the drug dealer daddy, homeless in a RV in Upland, Ventura, and or Palm Springs, it is a frog tale to share, and nothing like the Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino the Jew in the red hat, he knew his place in the 1600. Land whales, steers and queers of the Jewish Army 2015, and all the bisexuals that rule that clan, control over the fools, jokers, and role players, for the meth and the 420 trades done in Ventura, California, the summer of 2012.

State of California.....back in the day, had a sister with a problem. More than one, lots of hard knocks for Red Moons, PennyStarr Bright, hate to drive, sinners and saints, back in the day, evil and mean, nasty facts to face, faces of snakes, faces under the skin, so hard to say, faces in the mirror. More than one time, not a mistake, how the wheels turn, and time never stops, moving on, trains to catch, planes to fly, have a hanger next to the garage, flying to the cattle in the open ranges, Texas for starts, new begining, back to square one. Books on Review....

Happy notes, happy birthday, every day, joys and pains, pimps on the road, games to play, holiday pay. Songs to play, songs to learn, joys and pains, games to play, glory times again. 


  1. Good times to share or the trip to hell with hell hounds, RV campers for the drugs, suckers for the easy life. It is the fag hag again Sheri Cattle caller (Sheri, rachel, or reese Jarrot) 7603601613., that is too bigs for her pants, so she wears Sergio’s also, it’s the bald headed baby again Rocky, the Jewish Rock Star, cannot find a daddy with cash. Granddaddy will have to do, because daddy cannot, and the hairdresser wants to bitch about everything still, and what she can do with the short hairs, she will depends on if she can find a kat or not for the cream. $37,000 in a year for Sergio to smoke was not enough, so he had to go and wish for another star to fund his sex with men and use Piper as a cover is gone, for the moment, and it was all about the truthfulness and honesty about the car.

  2. To fail, not able to get it, life lessons, in first attempts in learning new skills. First attempts in learning, to fail, to do over again, dances with wolves, dances with snakes, over and done. Turning more pages, moving on, more mountains to climb.